September 2009

So I mentioned about a month ago that I was getting ready to release the B-sides from Identity through NoiseTrade. The album was ready (save for a title and a cover), but in the meantime I’ve had an epiphany. See, the point of NoiseTrade is to get people to share my music with people who otherwise would never hear of it. Viral growth and all those marketing buzzwords.

Now, I have no intention of charging for the B-side album. I’ll probably post it as a zip file here on in some eventual future. But I don’t want to explicitly encourage sharing of the stuff that wasn’t good enough, I want you to share my best stuff. So, effective immediately, Identity is now available as a “Pay what you want/Tell 5 people” download. See the widget to the right, or just visit my page at NoiseTrade.

And please please PLEASE if you haven’t already be my fan on facebook!